Truths and Lies about Surrogacy.

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said: “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” In the world of surrogacy, it often happens that agencies in unfair competition or in forums repeat lies so many times that in the end they may seem true. However, a lie is always a lie. That is why we proceed to clarify certain common unfounded rumour, which will help you to a better understanding of the process.

Only processes in the USA offer legal guarantees.FALSECountries such as GREECE, RUSSIA or UKRAINE are just as reliable as the states in the USA where the processes are carried out. The American agencies usually attack other destinations as an unfair way to compete, given that prices in the USA are much higher than those of these countries.
Mother in other countries are exploitedFALSEUKRAINE, GREECE and RUSSIA have long-standing legislation that protects surrogate mothers. No country is free from any agency carrying out immoral or illegal practices, violating the rights of mothers. However, that is what GESTLIFE is for, to ensure, through its own offices, the living conditions of mothers. Most GESTLIFE programmes are carried out with mothers selected by GESTLIFE, guaranteeing their living conditions.
In Greece, children born through surrogacy cannot be registeredFALSEThe English Consulate, as well as the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries, have guaranteed the registration of children born in Greece with both intended parents’ details. Agencies with spurious interests periodically disseminate false information in forums to prevent parents from going to this destination, which has become a great competition for American agencies, by offering, as in the USA, a judgement on behalf of both intended parents.
Fixed-fee programmes are a swindleFALSEOpened-price programmes agencies (those where we know the starting price, but we never know how much it will cost at the end) have no other argument. Paying a fixed-fee programme is always a better option than paying an opened-price programme where the price may increase to the point of ruining our economy.
A surrogacy process is an uncomplicated process which I can carry out by myselfFALSEA surrogacy process is very complicated. Conflict of laws between two countries arise, as well as bureaucratic obstacles from the administrations of the destination countries that do not accept these techniques, a difficult medical process, and the stay in unknown countries with another language. If you hire a lawyer for a simple labour consultation, do you really think you can carry out such a complicated process on your own? You can be victims of deception, swindles, and theft by people who are waiting for desperate parents without effective advice.
It is better to hire the agencies directly in the country of destination. You save intermediariesFALSESome parents, thinking they save money, go directly to an agency in a foreign country. However, they forget that the agency will only take care of the medical process but not of the legal part regarding the Consulate. You will also have to take care of the follow-up of the whole process. You have to be very brave or very reckless.
It is better to hire a small agency. The service is more personalized. FALSEShady companies grow like Topsy. They are those who think that, after a personal surrogacy process, will recover the spent money by selling surrogacy programmes. They have very good intentions, but no structure in the country of destination or legal knowledge, and they can put paid to a whole process when problems arise (and they often arise).
No companion is necessaryFALSEYou will be in an unknown country, with unknown customs, and unknown legal habits. Even if you have travelled halfway around the world, you are not sightseeing. You are doing a very complicated medical-legal process, and it is essential to go hand in hand with those who do it every day.
Carrying it out with GESTLIFE is much more expensive and there are other agencies that offer the same service for much less FALSEGESTLIFE only carries out FIRST CLASS programmes for parents who do not want problems. In order to do this, it is essential to have the appropriate multilingual staff, own offices and to offer a whole series of services (that agencies do not offer) and which guarantee success. And the success of having a child is priceless. Especially when problems arise. It is like driving with full risk insurance or against third parties. When something happens, we regret not having insurance against all risks.

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