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Monica and Roland testimonial

With this message, we want to transmit our greatest happiness to everyone who is considering the possibility of carrying out surrogacy. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the best thing we ever did. Besides, although many times it seems to be very distant and difficult, it comes true and, finally, we enjoy the family we always longed-for. That is why we encourage those who have our same illusions to go ahead with this project, whose result is, undoubtedly, the most satisfying in the world.

We take this opportunity to thank the GESTLIFE team, since without them this would not have been possible: thank you for giving us confidence, thank you for consoling us in moments of sadness, thank you for giving us strength in moments of weakness, thank you for giving us all the necessary support in technical matters, thank you for giving us the warmth and attention we needed, thank you for solving all the problems that occurred in our process, thank you for staying there 2 months after the end of our contract, thank you for giving us a family.

Yes, we do have paid for our process, like everyone else, but what you have offered us during all this time is has not been paid and, although it may be insignificant, our thank-you note is part of many more and with them and all those who work there will achieve the dream of many more people.

David and Reme testimonial

We hardly believe it! It's been two and a half months since we've had our children at home and it seems that everything is still a dream. There have been so many obstacles and difficulties that we never thought we would really experience a family scene like this one. We will not find a possible way to thank our surrogate mother and GESTLIFE for all they have done for us. Anyone who reads this without having children and loving them will no doubt know that there is no money in the world to pay for what they want most. With this note, we do our bit to help and we thank for everything that happened and, above all, for the result: our two wonderful tiny tots.

Mario and Mary testimonial

It's been twelve years since we started the mad dash we finished this week. We can gladly write that we have reached the finish line and with a double trophy. Thanks to surrogacy we have just become parents of two fantastic and wonderful tiny tots, a boy and a girl. Our path, like that of many others, has been tremendously long and arduous, with many obstacles and complications, but in the end the struggle and the waiting have been worthwhile.

10 years of tests, treatments, over-stimulations, in vitros, all for nothing. Many times you think that they (the doctors) know that you will never achieve it but there they have you suffering and maintaining a hope that hurts a lot.

We would like to thank GESTLIFE team for the great support and help they have given us, the attention and the constant information. A thousand problems for the reports and documentation, something that seems simple and that I think we would never have been able to overcome without your help. The bureaucracy and administrative obstacles are a huge problem for all of us who see this process as the only way out.

We hope that all of you who are in our circumstances and read this note will manage to achieve it as we did it. It has been emotionally very hard and you all know it but here we are, finally, enjoying our family.

We wish all the best to our surrogate mother and GESTLIFE team. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rose and James testimonial

We can't wait to get to Spain again to write these lines. Our little one is now sleeping and, with all the emotions that have arisen lately, we are full of good feelings and words to leave in writing this so deserved thank you-note. We have the documentation ready and in just 4 days we return home with our so desired son. We have never felt such a high level of emotion, we will never forget what we experienced here in Kaliningrad and, of course, all the process and support received..

Valentine and Louise testimonial

Since we got married our greatest hope was to create a family, an illusion that vanished with our third abortion. Soon we were pregnant but before reaching the third month a bleeding and a strong migraine made us lose our tiny tots.

After several visits to the gynaecologist and the hospital we were diagnosed with immune sterility, a "wonder" of life that did not allow us to continue with our plans. Everything seemed to disappear until one afternoon my brother told us that he had looked for information and that we could still try surrogacy.

He was the one who put us in contact with the GESTLIFE team and it was also he who went with us and looked for everything necessary for the trip to Barcelona. We were somewhat discouraged and without much hope we went with the flow. Today we believe that being carried along was the best thing we did. With this letter I want to thank GESTLIFE team that made it possible for us to be 4 now, that wonderful woman who gave birth to our babies and of course my brother for helping us to take the most important step in our lives.

Without the interest of my brother, the professionalism of GESTLIFE and the humanity of that surrogacy mother, we would not have fulfilled the greatest of our illusions.