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Surrogate mother

What is a surrogate mother?

Pregnancy through a surrogate mother is an assisted reproductive technique that implants the embryo created with the genetic material of other people in the uterus of a surrogate mother, who gestates the baby due to the impossibility of the biological parents to carry out that pregnancy. Surrogate mothers are legal and regulated in several countries around the world. Thanks to surrogate mothers many couples with fertility problems or homosexual or transsexual couples have managed to become parents.

Surrogate mother

Who is the surrogate mother?

The surrogate mother or the wrongly called surrogate womb occurs when a woman carries the pregnancy by and gives birth to a baby that, genetically and legally, belongs to other parents. The pregnant or surrogate woman is, therefore, the woman who, in agreement with a person or couple who will be the intentional parents, agrees that the embryo previously generated be transferred to her uterus, by Assisted Reproduction in order to to become pregnant with said embryo, gestate it to term and give birth to replace the aforementioned future parents.

The term "surrogate belly" is used to disparagingly refer to the woman who performs the gestation process in the UK. The correct term is "surrogate mother", which is the woman who carries out a pregnancy in substitution of parents who cannot carry out a pregnancy. Gametes can originate from the intended parents and / or third parties.

The terms surrogate mother or womb are the derogatory and incorrect way of referring to a process in which a woman carries out a pregnancy and gives birth to a baby that, genetically and legally, is the child of other parents. The pregnant or surrogate woman is, therefore, the woman who, by mutual agreement with a person or couple, who will be the intended parents, agrees to participate in assisted reproduction in which an embryo is transferred to her uterus, gestate and give birth, replacing the aforementioned future parents, who for some reason cannot carry out a pregnancy.

This fact is called gestational pregnancy, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, commissioned mother, surrogate mother, carrier mother, etc.


Is the Surrogate mother legal?

The surrogate mother

In the UK the law does not explicitly prohibit Surrogate mothers, but it does declare all of contracts null , as well as stating that the mother is the one who gives birth, regardless of genetic material. So, technically, Surrogate mothers are not legal, nor illegal.

Therefore, if we want to resort to this method, we have to go to a country where there is a regulation, to make sure we can take our baby home and be able to register it in the Civil Registry. More and more countries allow surrogate motherhood , as is the case in Greece, Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Canada, etc.

Every year, hundreds of couples, or single people, resort to Surrogate motherhood to make their life dream come true: being a parent.

After more than 400 satisfied parents, but with the philosophy that “you can always do better ”in GESTLIFE we are more than 40 professionals, with offices and its own staff abroad, to give you the service and guarantees that you deserve.

At GESTLIFE we work with all countries where Surrogate mothers are legal , and They can carry out the processes with full guarantee. Given the extent of the information, However, we advise that, without any obligation, you contact one of the our family advisers, and we will gladly analyze your particular case, to advise you on the destination that best suits your needs.

What types of pregnancy process are there?

Surrogate mother in the UK

Traditional, Gestational, Altruistic and Commercial pregnancies

Types of process by genetic material

Traditional and gestational pregnancy

Traditional pregnancy

Surrogate mother in the UK

In traditional pregnancy, the surrogate mother provides her ovule , that is, it is the biological mother of the baby. Then, we inseminate the surrogate mother, by FiV or by artificial insemination, with the father's sperm.

The Traditional process is not an option that we recommend from Gestlife, because it can lead to legal problems, including non-recognition of paternity of parents by surrogate motherhood.

Gestational pregnancy

Surrogate mother in the UK

In gestational pregnancy, the genetic material used for in vitro fertilization never comes from the surrogate mother, if you like resorting to this type of process and one of the intended parents cannot provide their genetic material, a donor is used. But, in no case, in gestational process, the surrogate mother has some genetic link to the baby. In this type of process, it is therefore not possible to use the artificial insemination.

Gestational pregnancy is the most recommended. Many of the countries with Laws that regulate these processes allow only this type of gestation surrogate.

They are the countries where a process can be carried out with all the guarantees.

Surrogacy baby

Types of pregnancies by type of agreement

Altruistic and Commercial pregnancy

Altruistic pregnancy

Surrogate mother

In many countries, such as Canada, the process is practiced as altruistic, in which the surrogate mother does not receive financial compensation , beyond medical expenses, or she receives very little compensation. This kind of surrogate motherhood occurs much more often between family or friends. Countries with laws regulators of altruistic pregnancy, often foresee that the surrogate mother also she can receive financial compensation for the inconvenience, but they put a limit.

In altruistic pregnancy there are no mediators, so we will have to face any legal problem alone. Furthermore, this also implies that, in the case of this type of process, we will not have mediators to ensure that there are no medical problems, such as infectious or genetic diseases of the donor or surrogate mother.

Commercial pregnancy

Types of processes

In the case of commercial pregnancy, the surrogate mother receives financial compensation. This sum of money that is given to the Surrogate mother seeks to cover medical expenses, derivatives gestation, such as maternity clothes, or discharge. In general, the discomfort derived of this process.

In a commercial pregnancy process, it is important to have a serious agency, to ensure that the surrogate mother does not recur to this process out of economical desperation. In addition, the agency must ensure the well-being of the surrogate mother throughout the process.

In a commercial pregnancy, we have the option of having qualified professionals , to avoid legal and medical problems. But, it is essential that your agency has several lawyers on staff, who know the process in the country where it is carried out.

Doubts about surrogacy

Who are the intended parents in surrogacy?

They are the fathers and mothers who cannot be fathers or mothers in any other way and go to surrogacy as a solution.

Intended parents or clients in surrogacy are fathers and mothers who, for one reason or another, cannot carry out a pregnancy, and resort to surrogacy. Often in the case of heterosexual couples, the intended parents turn to surrogacy after several attempts at IVF, or other fertility treatments.

Doubts about surrogacy

Fertility treatment in surrogacy?

It is a Human Assisted Reproduction Technique (ART).

In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is one of several techniques available in the surrogacy processes to help couples and individuals struggling to have a baby.

During IVF treatment, eggs are removed from the woman's ovaries and they are placed in vitro (in a test tube, which is where the word "vitro" comes from). The Ovum is then fertilized by sperm in a laboratory. The ovum fertilized by sperm is called an embryo and is implanted in the uterus of the Substitute mother, where it is expected to develop into a healthy pregnancy.

Together with the in vitro fertilization treatment, we have the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This treatment involves injecting a single sperm directly into the egg. ICSI is recommended for couples in which the men have a low number of sperm or a low mobility of the same, which means less sperms are likely to fertilize the egg by themselves. And that's why it is recommended against artificial insemination.

Remember that, in traditional surrogacy, the Substitute mother uses her own ovum for it, so that an artificial insemination can be carried out.

Since in traditional or partial gestational surrogacy the Substitute mother does not have any biological link with the baby, an invitro fertilization (IVF) is performed with the egg of the future mother or from a donor and the sperm of the future father.

Surrogacy baby

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Steps of a pregnancy through a surrogate mother

Surrogate mother in the UK 2019, 2020 and 2021

other hands Surrogacy
1. It all starts when A COUPLE WANTS TO BE PARENTS, they have tried everything but that moment has not arrived and they resort to a surrogate mother.

2. THEY SEARCH ON THE INTERNET and find GESTLIFE, surrogate maternity agency, fill in the form requesting prior information by phone or Skype

family planner for Surrogacy
3. VISIT WITH GESTLIFE and an expert family assistant in Surrogate mother informs you for FREE of the best program of Surrogate mother according to your medical, civil and financial history.

Surrogacy clinic
4. SIGNING OF THE SURROGATE MOTHER CONTRACTS: It can be face-to-face in Barcelona or remotely. Obtaining the definitive medical reports and selection of the donor and the surrogate mother.

countries where to do a Surrogacy
5. FIRST TRIP: Pick up at the airport by an assistant in your language and transfer to the GESTLIFE apartments, with staff in your language. Accommodation and food included. Access to a mobile phone with local number.

baby born with Surrogacy
6. Visit to the offices and presentation of the GESTLIFE team in Kiev. SIGNING OF THE CONTRACT WITH THE SURROGATE MOTHER before a public notary. Visit to our clinic. Donation of the genetic material at our clinic in Kiev. Signing of the surrogacy contract with our clinic.

HGC test Surrogacy
7. HGC pregnancy test POSITIVE TEST. First ultrasound (possibility of attending the ultrasound). Periodic reports with ultrasound. Extensive information through the exclusive INFONOW system

8. BIRTH OF THE BABY AND SECOND JOURNEY. Welcome from parents, and transfer to the GESTLIFE apartments. Accommodation and food included. Staff in your language in the apartments.

surrogate mother
9. Delivery of the basket with everything you need for the baby. VISIT TO THE HOSPITAL to pick up the baby. Accompaniment to the apartments. Baby sitter a home and pediatrician at home.

belly mother Surrogacy
10. PROCESSING OF DOCUMENTATION of the surrogate mother process. Visit to the civil registry for registration of the baby, translation and preparation of documents (including apostille). Carrying out DNA test. Appointment at the embassy for the baby's passport.

european flag surrogacy
11. RETURN TRIP Accompaniment to the airport with our lawyer. Return to your country in Business Class with access to the VIP lounge.

baby born with Surrogacy
12. Adoption procedures by the second spouse included. Throughout the program he will be accompanied by a companion from the company.


Is it a law firm, with civil liability insurance to which you can claim in case of non-compliance and not a simple “agency”? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do they comply with all the measures for the protection of your data as established in new European Regulation (GDPR)? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Are you identified with your data on your website: company name, address, NIF, commercial register, so that we know who we work with? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have your own offices dedicated exclusively to SUBROGATED MOTHERHOOD (not of marginal way or in a private flat)? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Is a professional who speaks your language going to accompany you during your stay in the country, who also takes care of all the administrative procedures in your place? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Does an English-speaking lawyer accompany you to the Consulate of your country to do all the procedures? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have your own office in the foreign country where the program is developed? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Are you staying in individual apartments, without sharing an apartment with other parents? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Does a pediatrician visit your child, while he or she stays with you in the apartment, every day, to verify the health, until you return to your country? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have a (real) guard service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year during your stay in the foreign country? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have a pediatric telephone service in English for one year for any query you want to ask? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Does your program include freezing your umbilical cord stem cells, in prevention of future illnesses, with the maintenance fee paid for 20 years? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have a maid 4 hours a day in your apartment? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have a mobile application that allows you to know the status of your surrogate mother? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do they make it easy for you to have a relationship (if you wish) with the surrogate mother? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
After your first visit, do they offer you the possibility of contacting parents who already have gone through a process of SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD, to explain their experience? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do they guarantee you in writing that if you can't be a father, they will give you your money back? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have more than 100 employees dedicated exclusively to surrogate mother processes? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have awards from recognized institutions for their activity in the field of Surrogate mothers? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you work with all countries where surrogate mothers are legal? (and not being forced to sell them a destination at any price because they have no other) Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Can you access your file from your computer or mobile from anywhere and know the status of it? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you offer psychological support for 5 years, both for you and your child? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do they have more than 250 parents a year who achieve their goal, with 100% success? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Does the Parents Association for Surrogate mothers , with more than 700 fathers affiliates, endorse the "agency"? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Can you access your file from your computer or mobile from anywhere and know the status of it? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have preparatory courses for new parents and for when you already have the baby at home? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you get a basket with everything you need to take care of your child in the Destination country? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Can you access your file from your computer or mobile from anywhere and know the status of it? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you leave a cart in the country of destination to be able to walk your child with comfort? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do they have their own programs, that is, they not act as simple intermediaries? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do they give you the supplement to be able to return with your child in business class in the return trip (and not tight economy class with the baby)? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Do you have a published code of ethics that obliges all the personnel of the company to practice ethical processes with surrogate mothers and the parents? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Are they the “agency” that best compensates the surrogate mother, thus avoiding a exploitation of the same? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
They have special care programs for surrogate mothers, that guarantees a humane, ethical treatment, and help them in their vital project? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Does the program include compensation to the family of the surrogate mother in case of death? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Does the program include compensation to the surrogate mother in the event that due to the process she loses any organ? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
Does the program include compensation to the egg donor in the event that due to the process they lose any organ? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy
In the event of the baby's death after being born, does the program include guarantee of free restart of another program identical to the one you requested? Gestlife Surrogacy others Surrogacy


If you are an agency mentioned in the box above, and any information reflected in it does not coincide with reality, you can request the rectification providing the documentation that proves it by sending an email here.

Surrogate mother Opinions: Mónica and Raúl

Surrogate mother

Through these words, we want to convey our greatest happiness to all who is thinking of performing a surrogate mother procedure ; Without a doubt it is the best thing that we have done in this life and although on many occasions it seems very distant and difficult, and we finally enjoyed the family we had always wanted. That is why we encourage all the people who have the desire to start this project, of which, without a doubt, get the most satisfactory result in the world.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the GESTLIFE team, without them this would not have been possible: thank you for giving us confidence, thank you for comforting us in moments of sadness, thanks for the strength in moments of weakness, thanks for all the support necessary in technical matters, thank you for giving us the attention needed, Thank you for solving all the problems that arose in our procedure, thank you for staying by our side 2 months after the end of our contract, thank you for helping us to comply our dream.

Yes, we have paid for our surrogate mother process, like everyone else, but what what has offered us all this time can not be paid, although it may be insignificant, our thank you letter is part of many more and, with them, all those who they work there they will achieve the dream of many more people.

Surrogate mother Opinions: Mario and María

The surrogate mother process

It's been twelve years since we started a fight that ended this week. With pleasure we can write that we reached the goal thanks to a surrogate mother and with double trophy.

10 years of exams, treatments, overstimulations, all for nothing. Many times you think what they (doctors) know that you will never make it, but there they have you suffering and maintaining a hope that hurts a lot.

We would like to thank the GESTLIFE team for the great support and help they have given us. providing constant attention and information. A thousand problems for the reports and documentation, something That seems simple and that I think we could never have overcome without your help. Bureaucracy and administrative hurdles are a big problem for all of us who see this process as the only way out.

We hope that everyone who is in our circumstances and reads this note will achieve it like we did. It has been emotionally very difficult and all of you know it, but here we are finally enjoying our family.

We wish our surrogate mother and the GESTLIFE team all the best. Thanks since the bottom of our hearts.

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