Surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy in USA

Surrogate mother in USA

Surrogacy in the USA

Situation of surrogacy in the United States USA

The United States is the country that has been carrying out surrogacy processes for the longest time. The first processes are known in the 80s, almost four decades ago. Its the country traditionally better known, as most famous people have chosen him to carry out your surrogacy process in the United States , not for being the safer destination, but because of having the most permissive legislation, as is the case with California. That is why it has become one of the busiest states for this type of processes.

USA has been a mecca for surrogacy for years. With different laws in each state, California is the state where more processes can be perform due to its absence of restrictions.

USA, along with Greece (this country does not allow surrogacy processes for singles) and Canada, are the only countries that issue a judicial sentence, which is subsequently recognized by your country's authorities.

Surrogacy in the United States

Price of a surrogacy in the United States

The surrogacy clinics in the United States are first class range, and surrogacy agencies tend to do quite well. But in the US there is no Social Security as we understand it in Europe. Medicine is private, and therefore, in a surrogacy process, if there is any medical expense, you must pay it. Thus, for example, if the child needs an incubator, you will have to pay between 3,000 and 5000 US dollars / day, for intensive surveillance unit, we know the price at the start of the process, but never what is the final price of surrogacy . The USA is a country where surrogacy processes are not for everyone, since the processes cost between 120,000 and 150,000 euros. Whoever tells you otherwise is deceiving you, and hides expenses that will appear later, to simply make the surrogacy program more attractive in the United States which is expensive. USA at the end of the day is forced to compete with countries like Russia, where it costs less than half, and it is difficult to sell something that costs double just based on prestige.

In the USA there are mainly two types of surrogate motherhood :

The surrogacy processes in the United States that are carried out entirely in Usa

Those are performed in the USA, but the assisted reproduction process (IVF) is performed in Cancun Mexico, the surrogate mother moving to that city, for the embryo transfer, and later return to the USA, where the pregnancy will continue until the birth of the child , which will take place in the USA. These are the programs called "CROSSBORDER", which are cheaper than those made entirely in the USA. But as we have said, the clinics in Mexico have lower success rates than the American ones, and sometimes what we have saved is lost based on new embryo transfers and new IVFs. These programs are tempting given that its price is lower but you have to be aware of the problems that may entail.

Therefore, if you want to do the surrogacy process in the United States, you must have a budget of between 120,000 and 160,000 euros, for a baby, and can exceed the 200,000 euros if they are two babies (because if they are always born premature, because it is a twin birth, requires an incubator and medical expenses).

Although apparently there is some insurance that can cover part of these expenses, they are very expensive, and they don't cover much. Consult with our advisors if you want to carry out your process of surrogacy in the United States.

Surrogacy in the USA

1. Law on surrogacy in the united states (USA)

The United States is characterized as a federal state, so each state has its own own laws, which is extrapolated to the surrogacy processes in the USA , for For this reason, there are states where Surrogacy is prohibited and other states where it is allowed.

Surrogacy in the USA

2. Where is surrogacy regulated in the United States (USA)

In states where surrogacy is allowed in the United States , each State sets its own conditions, but in general it is also allowed for any family model. The surrogate mother must choose the intended parents, who, in turn, they can accept or reject it. Among the 13 States in which it is allowed stands out California, the most demanded destination. In Utah or Washington, surrogacy is altruistic, and commercial surrogacy is penalized.
Surrogacy in the USA

3. Where surrogacy is not regulated in the United States (USA)

Secondly, there is a group of 15 states called " surrogacy-friendly ". Here are territories such as Idaho, Connecticut or Rhode Island where, although it is true that there is no law that provides coverage, they are favorable surrogacy in United States . It is the courts who decide in each case.

Surrogacy in the USA

4. Where is surrogacy prohibited in the United States (USA)

Third, we have the States that prohibit surrogacy in the USA . Among these states that prohibit it, there are some that even consider it a criminal offense like Arizona, Michigan and New York. Therefore, they impose fines and jail time, not only to the intended parents, but to anyone who participates in surrogacy in United States , while others do not establish any penalty: they simply declare the surrogacy agreement void.

Surrogacy in the USA

5. Type of surrogacy in the United States (USA)

As in most countries, surrogacy in the United States is gestational pregnancy, which is one in which the surrogate mother does not provide genetic material, prohibited in most countries that do surrogacy. The genetic material, or It is either provided by the intended parents or through a donor and can be both eggs and semen. The donor can be anonymous or chosen.

Surrogacy in the USA

6. Medical insurance for surrogacy in the United States (USA)

Healthcare in the USA in private, so that all the expenses derived from a process of surrogacy in the United States must be assumed by the intentional parents, so to avoid possible medical expenses that are not foreseen, It is advisable to make sure that the medical insurance of the surrogate mother covers this practice. If this is not the case, it is advisable to make insurance for the surrogate mother so that she is covered, as well as an insurance that covers the expenses of the child, since it belongs to the mother, it will not cover them. This insurance must include incubator expenses, operations, twin pregnancy etc.

Surrogacy in the USA

7. Affiliation in surrogacy processes in the USA

The recognition of parentage may not be automatic, but once initiated a judicial procedure is carried out, where a sentence will be issued that will declare the parental affiliation in addition to extinguishing the affiliation that may be established with respect to surrogate mother and her husband if she is married. This is usually the case occur in California.

Regarding nationality, by the mere fact of being born in the USA, it will allow you to choose American nationality.

Surrogacy in the USA

8. How much does surrogacy cost in the United States (USA)

The price of a surrogacy in the United States starts from 111,000€. The price of surrogacy in the USA can end up being much higher since in case of medical complications there is no social security in this country and medicine is private

Advantages and Disadvantages of a surrogacy United States

For surrogacy processes in the United States , a judicial sentence is obtained in the name of the two parents.
They can carry out surrogacy processes in the United States all kinds of people, regardless of their marital status, or condition sexual. (Married, domestic partners, single, single, couples homosexuals).
The sentence must be recognized later in for the surrogacy in the United States USA
There is no social security, therefore all medical expenses that may produced by surrogacy in the United States run by account of you.
There is no fixed price in surrogacy processes in United States . If there are extra expenses, such as an incubator, etc. You will have to pay them and the cost of the process can skyrocket.
There is a lack of surrogate mothers, so the time for assigning a surrogate may take 6-8 months.
The surrogacy agency in the United States assigns you a surrogate mother, but she must accept you as intending parents.
The cost of surrogacy processes in the USA is the most expensive in the world. A surrogacy process that costs between € 100,000 and € 180,000, if there are no surprises.

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