Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy situation in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

The surrogacy legislation in Ukraine is one of the most liberal in the world. In this type of process, allowing the techniques of surrogacy for all citizens of the world. The law in Ukraine defines perfectly what are the requirements to start a process thus guaranteeing its total legality.

Ukraine is one of the destinations mainly Europeans travel to in search of a surrogacy process as this is one of the countries with programs of cheapest surrogacy.

This has meant that more than 900 families in our country have been able to fulfill their dream of being parents.

This information is an indicative summary of the legislation of your country in the matter of filiation. We recommend that you do not carry out any process without first having spoken with one of the our legal advisors, with the company not being responsible for the actions that parents can perform alone without direct advice from our lawyers.
Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine surrogacy agency

Surrogacy Ukraine

UKRAINE is one of the countries on the European continent from where the most children born by surrogacy . However, in the last two years, precarious situations in surrogate mothers in a clinic, and GESTLIFE chose to create their own programs with prestigious clinics, and guaranteeing the care of pregnant women, and respect for the code of ethics.

It is not a question of carrying out a surrogacy process at the expense of the exploitation of a woman, who is the one who is going to give us what we most want in our life. The saturation of processes, (a clinic cannot become a “children's factory”) as well as the lack of control on surrogate mothers, led us to create our own programs, which today are the ones that offer the maximum number of guarantees and services.

In surrogacy processes in Ukraine , it is necessary to justify the impossibility of gestating, or the risk to the health of the intended mother, who advises not to gestate. It is also reason to be able to carry out a gestation process having carried out 4 fertilization processes in vitro without success.

The surrogacy processes in Ukraine with our company usually have a fixed price , since as you can see, unlike those of the other agencies, it includes practically all the eventualities that can happen, and that would affect the cost of the Program.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

1. Surrogacy Law in Ukraine

Surrogacy is absolutely legal in Ukraine, as it is allowed by the Family Code and Order 771 of the Ministry of Health. In this sense, the Code of Family, in its article 123.2 establishes that if an embryo conceived by a couple as result of the application of assisted reproductive techniques, is transferred within From the body of another woman, the parents of the child will be the couple. With the consent of the surrogate mother on the birth certificate will directly contain the name of the constituents.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

2. Requirements for surrogacy in Ukraine

Currently the requirements for surrogacy in Ukraine of the legislation in force to carry out a process in the country are the following:
Being a heterosexual couple (without the possibility of admitting de-facto couples, singles or same-sex couples).
The husband must provide his own genetic material.
The intended mother must provide a medical certificate that states that the pregnancy could endanger the health of her or that of the baby or prove having carried out IVF Treatments with 4 failed attempts.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

3. Sex selection for surrogacy in Ukraine

Unlike other countries where selecting the sex of the baby requires a medical reason, the Ukrainian Law on Assisted Reproduction allows sex selection of the baby, for which the embryo should be tested for PGD, before the said embryos are transferred to the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

4. Registration for surrogacy in Ukraine

After the birth, the intended parents must register the baby in the Ukrainian civil registry , for this, you must provide a birth certificate that the clinic issues.

Since surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine, in said certificate Both the father and the mother of intention appear, without the surrogate mother appearing. The surrogate mother is prohibited from claiming motherhood and they have no right or obligation about the baby.

In order to be able to get such a birth certificate in the Ukrainian civil registry, It must be accompanied by a resignation document signed by the surrogate.

price Surrogacy in Ukraine

5. Price of surrogacy in Ukraine

The price of a surrogacy in Ukraine starts from 49,900€. The price of surrogacy in Ukraine varies depending on difficulty of administrative management since you have to go through a filiation process. You could reach the same point but 3 or 4 months later but in Gestlife we can do it in just 4 weeks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine Offers surrogate motherhood programs at a cfixed price that includes the most possible contingencies. In the vast majority of cases, there are no extra expenses.
The majority of surrogacy programs in Ukraine range from between 50,000 and 60,000 euros in total for a surrogacy program
GestLife has offices and its own staff dedicated to surrogate gestation in Ukraine (13 people) in Kiev, dedicated to the control and process monitoring
Greater proximity: 3 and a half hours of flight.
In the process of surrogacy in Ukraine you do not obtain a sentence but a birth certificate with the Hague apostille. The child will come in the name of the father, and the intended mother must adopt the child in their country, to complete the surrogacy process).
Only married heterosexual couples.

If you want to know what happened more in detail, We advise you to read the next section of this press release, more focused on the technical part, for those parents who wish to deepen and better understand what it's happening.

Surrogacy in Ukraine


In recent years, France and Italy have been condemned on various occasions for the Strasbourg Human Rights Court (whose jurisprudence is applicable automatic in Spanish law, and which is above our laws) by do not register children born by surrogacy. France, the most reluctant to surrogate (it is punishable by jail if it is done in France9, Register now without any difficulty. GESTLIFE does more than 120 processes every year of surrogacy for French fathers.

When France was condemned, the Minister of Justice then, (Ruiz Gallardón) gave the instructions to automatically proceed to the registration of the children. This has been done for the last 3 years, until the new PSOE government, contrary and belligerent with surrogacy. From the month July of last year in which after the motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sanchez governs, there have been 4 “hostage” crises in Ukraine with parents Spanish people. The first two, after the classic "tug of war" ended with the children's inscription. After all, no matter who it may be, the law is the law. The penultimate was in February of this year.

On Wednesday, February 7, the consulate announced that it was not registering the children. The parents demonstrated at the door, and as it was already known what was going to happen (fruit of the other two previous crises) the following Monday the consulate notified the parents who were going to enroll the children, and so it happened, telling them as always "That was going to be the last time." It is clear that a consulate will not act against law even if it is "the last time" so they simply complied with the law enrolling children (otherwise it will be a crime of prevarication that is punishable by up to 15 years of disqualification for the official).

The General Directorate of registries and notaries, on which the consulates depend, tired of these periodic scandals, published a 20-page instruction of extension on Friday, February 15 in this regard (I did not do it since the last instruction in 2010), explaining very well all the legislative development and jurisprudential developed in Spain, up to the present day, reaching the conclusion that the children should be enrolled as they had been doing in the last years. This was celebrated by all the parents. At last it was put in writing what the consulates were putting into practice in recent years.

If you want to see the instructions click here

However, the joy lasted little. The next day, the Minister of Justice Delgado appeared on television saying that "no one had warned her" and that she had not she would allow. On February 18, a new instruction is published, this time in just one page, and without a single legal or jurisprudential argument, annulling the instruction previous.

If you want to see the instructions click here

This instruction has already been appealed in court by various parents, and with all probability will be annulled, since it violates a myriad of rights constitutional laws, in addition to European jurisprudence. It's just a matter of time, because the instruction of February 15, gives all the necessary arguments to knock her down. They themselves have given the "weapons" to recurring parents.

Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technique that has come to stay, as in its day happened with in vitro fertilization (what such a bad press had, calling the babies born then by this technique "test tube babies"). Countries in our closest environment, such as the United Kingdom or Greece, have already legalized. Irremediably the children born to Spaniards, in sovereign countries that have a surrogacy law must be recognized by Spain as ordered by the Jurisprudence of the Strasbourg Human Rights court of mandatory.

The sole purpose of all this trouble is to "intimidate" parents who want to start a process, so that the obstacles make them give up and thus reduce the number of surrogacy in Spain.

Throughout these years, we have gone through complicated stages: the war in Ukraine with more than 100 deaths, the RUSSIA-UKRAINE relationship, the downing of a plane, the state of exception that lasted a month, legislative changes…. It has always happened something, but our parents have not given up for it. It is never the right time. But if they had paid attention to the noise, today they would not be parents as they are.

Obviously we do not agree with the new operation, although we are offer the possibility of subsequently carrying out the filiation process in Spain.

But while this is solved, in Gestlife, we get the Ukrainian passport in 4 weeks and the child travels to Spain where we carry out the filiation process. If all this is complicated or too stressful, you can carry out your process in Greece, where we have our own office since 2015, and where a sentence is obtained judicial (as in the USA), a document that is accepted by the authorities Spanish.

Greece also offers important advantages:

a) The child acquires Spanish nationality at the Spanish consulate. Leaves Greece already being one more Spanish.
b) The child is registered from the beginning in the name of the two intending parents.
c) There is no need for subsequent adoption by the intending mother.
d) The intending mother (and father) can enjoy maternity leave and parenthood from the first minute.
e) The surrogate mother cannot withdraw.

Get in touch with your family advisor, and we will discuss together which program can be the most suitable for you.

Don't let politics stop you from achieving your dream of having your offspring.

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