Surrogacy in Greece

Surrogacy in Greece

Surrogate mother in Greece

surrogacy Greece

Situation of surrogacy in Greece

Greece surrogacy agency

GREECE is a country that since 2002 has had its own legislation on surrogate pregnancy. However, it was in July 2014, when the door was opened to foreigners citizens, without requiring them to be residents in the country, neither the parents, nor the surrogate mother, it is only necessary for one of the parties to have temporary residence. Actually we are the only surrogacy agency in the UK with its own office in that country, since 2015.

Since 2002 surrogacy in Greece is altruistic and legal after a special court permission. All other types of surrogacy are prohibited.

The traditional, Commercial and Social Surrogacy are explicitly prohibited in Greece by the surrogate gestation law.

This information is an indicative summary of the legislation of your country in the matter of filiation. We recommend that you do not carry out any process without first having spoken with one of the our legal advisors, the company not being responsible for the actions that parents can perform alone without direct advice from our lawyers.
surrogacy Greece

Surrogacy agency in Greece

GREECE allows foreign citizens to carry out surrogacy processes since the second half of 2015. In Greece, surrogacy processes have been carried out since 2004, but only for residents in the country.

GREECE offers the advantage of obtaining a court ruling for surrogacy, which together with the birth certificate, both documents in the name of the two intending parents, allows the registration of the child. Some agencies, mainly those that market the USA as a destination, they have seen a dangerous competitor in Greece, and are dedicated to discrediting this destination, as the only way to safeguard their interests. The consulate of Spain in Athens, has guaranteed the registration of children born in Greece by surrogacy, with a judicial sentence of a country of the EEC. Furthermore, Greece is within the Schengen area, so we do not have to cross borders with the baby.

In GREECE it is necessary to prove the impossibility of gestation, or that there is a serious risk for the health of the intended mother, which discourages pregnancy. Also the surrogate mother must not be more than 50 years old (at the time of the process).

surrogacy Greece

There are surrogacy programs in Greece with an embryo transfer, but if after the same the surrogate mother did not become pregnant, the program would continue paying the next embryo transfer.

The shortage of surrogate mothers (as happens in the USA), and in order to comply with the limits of legal provisions established by Greek law, which prevents paying astronomical amounts to surrogate mothers As in the USA, GESTLIFE carries out its processes with surrogate mothers from Russia, controlled by the Russian subsidiary. In this way, the legal requirement is fulfilled, without triggering the price of the program artificially. GESTLIFE takes care of the entire process, with the same guarantees, so the origin of the surrogate mothers is irrelevant.

surrogacy Greece

1. Greece surrogacy law

Surrogacy in Greece is regulated in Article 1458 of the Greek Civil Code introduced with article 8 of Law 3089/2002:

Three years after the regulation of surrogacy in Greece, the Law 3305/2005 ("Enforcement of Medically Assisted Reproduction") was introduced. The law regulates assisted reproduction and surrogacy in more detail.

In this country, surrogacy can only be performed in heterosexual couples (married or unmarried) as well as single women, totally excluding homosexual couples ir single men seeking fatherhood.

surrogacy Greece

2. Requirements for surrogacy in Greece

To carry out a surrogacy process in Greece, it is necessary to obtain a judicial authorization. Legal authorization to undergo the pregnancy process subrogated will be issued in accordance with the following conditions:
The intentional mother must provide a medical certificate from Social Security that prove her inability to carry a pregnancy to term or risk during it.
The intentional mother will not be more than 50 years old.
The surrogate mother will not be the one who provides the eggs.

The surrogacy process in Greece is altruistic. This does not mean that the surrogate mother is only going to collect medical expenses, and that she cannot receive any additional amount. The law provides that you will be paid compensation for discomfort, and for the months not worked.

The surrogate mother cannot retract, since she has resigned before making the implantation, and all rights rest with the intended parents.

surrogacy Greece

3. Filiation for surrogacy in Greece

In the surrogacy process in Greece the intended parents become legitimate parents of the child directly after birth, since there is a judicial sentence that accredits it. This has the advantage that parentage is determined by sentence, and it is not necessary to provide genetic material.

surrogacy Greece

4. Surrogacy Greece price

In Greece the price of a surrogacy starts from 78,000€. The price of surrogacy in Greece also varies depending on the difficulty of finding Greek surrogate mothers since they usually ask for amounts not in accordance with the law. We usually resort to surrogate mothers from Russia if they comply with the limits of the law to avoid thus incurring in a crime

Advantages and Disadvantages of a surrogacy in Greece

Surrogacy programs are legally developed in Greece since 2004. In 2015, the law was amended, expanding to foreign citizens the possibility of carrying out surrogacy processes.
We are within the Schengen area, so when it comes to moving with the baby we do not cross borders.
It is a European country, close and similar to ours. The flight time is 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Greater proximity: 3 and a half hours of flight.
In the process of surrogacy in Greece a trial is held, prior to the in vitro fertilization process, from which the surrogate mother can no longer retract to carry out surrogacy.
For the surrogacy process in Greece children are registered in the consulate with the birth certificate and the court ruling. (Other agencies will tell you that this is not true, since Greece has become a tough competitor for agencies that commercialize the USA, but the Consulate in Athens guarantees it.) The government recognizes children born in Greece since they come with Judicial sentence fulfilling the requirements fixed in the instruction of the year 2010 for surrogacy.
After the surrogacy process in Greece the two intended parents are recognized from the first moment as parents, without need for subsequent adoption by the intending mother.
After the surrogacy process in Greece the parents can immediately enjoy paternity and maternity leave.
The stay in the country to pick up the baby is less than 4-5 weeks.
There is a great shortage of Greek surrogate mothers , as they demand amounts not in accordance with the law. This makes it necessary to use surrogate mothers in Russia, who comply with the limits established by law, surrogacy thus avoiding the commission of a crime.
The intending mother cannot be more than 50 years old. (At the time of trial for surrogacy in Greece ).
For the surrogacy process in Greece The intended mother You must prove with a medical certificate the inability to get pregnant, or that she represents a serious risk to her health, for the surrogacy

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