Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogate mother in Georgia

surrogacy Georgia

Situation in Georgia for surrogacy

Surrogacy agency in georgia

In terms of surrogacy in Georgia , like Ukraine, it has opted for legislate Surrogate Motherhood . Their legislation It is from 1997, and guarantees the rights of future parents. In this sense, if a embryo conceived by a couple as a result of the application of assisted reproduction, is transferred into the body of another woman, the parents of the child will be the couple. With the consent of the surrogate mother in the certificate of Georgian birth will directly contain the name of the intended parents. Unfortunately, the UK consulate will not take this certificate into account, and will register the surrogate mother as the mother of the baby, following the principle (mater semper certa est), that is, the mother's parentage is determined by childbirth.

surrogacy Georgia

surrogacy Georgia

1. Georgia Surrogacy Law

Article 143. Section b: Surrogacy in Georgia is allowed in the case of that a woman does not have a uterus, in order to achieve evolution and growth of the embryo obtained as a result of the transfer of it to the uterus of another woman, called "surrogate mother".

Although this article states as the only condition the absence of a uterus, any malformation or medical incapacity to gestate allows the process to be carried out.

In order to apply this method, it is necessary to have a written consent from the couple with the intention of having the child. With this signed document it will be recognized, in the eyes of the Georgian government, paternity of the couple at the time of childbirth.

Surrogacy in Georgia can only be done by heterosexual couples, totally excluding homosexual couples as well as women or men seeking solo parenthood.

surrogacy Georgia

2. Requirements for surrogacy in Georgia

Regarding the requirements for future parents to begin surrogacy in Georgia , the following stand out:

Being a married or unmarried heterosexual marriage.

Having fertility problem for which surrogacy is required

Regarding the demands and choice of the surrogate mother, she must have had already a child of their own and not to exceed 35 years of age. In addition, they are chosen to have a level socio-economic medium-high, avoiding that the situation of poverty is the reason why become surrogates.

Only in the case of single men, does the surrogate mother appear on the birth certificate, if she well she has lost her rights over the minor.
surrogacy Georgia

3. Affiliation in surrogacy in Georgia

Since the surrogacy process in the UK is not regulated, and any contract that is signed will be void as established in precept 10 of the LRTHA, and since motherhood is determined by childbirth, immutability of the principle "Mater Semper certa est" when we go to the civil registry, the surrogate mother will appear, and the intentional father who has contributed their genetic material.

Once the mother is in the UK, she may initiate an adoption process for her biological child. This procedure is regulated in section 2 of precept 172 of the Civil Code.

surrogacy Georgia

4. Surrogacy price in Georgia

The price of a surrogacy in Georgia starts from 42,900鈧. The price of surrogacy in Georgia varies depending on difficulty of administrative management, since there is no consulate in this country and it is necessary to travel to Turkey to register the child.

Consult other surrogacy prices

Surrogacy agency in georgia

Surrogacy process in Georgia is cheaper than USA for surrogacy.
Greater closeness. 4 hours of flight.
You do not get a sentence but a birth certificate with the apostille the Hague. The child will come in the name of the father, with the intending mother adopting the child, once in their country. (we offer a procedure of surrogacy in Georgia without complications).
Prices are somewhat higher than Ukraine for surrogacy in Georgia .
No fixed price for surrogacy programs in Georgia with an unlimited number of implantations as it happens in Ukraine.
Only married heterosexual couples for surrogacy in Georgia
The intending mother must prove with a medical certificate her impossibility to gestate, or that it represents a serious risk to her health and therefore resort to surrogacy in Georgia

If you want to know in more detail what happened or surrogacy prices , we advise you to read the following section of this release, more focused on the technical part, for those parents who wish to deepen and understand better what is happening.


In recent years, France and Italy have been condemned on various occasions by the Strasbourg Human Rights Court for not registering children born by surrogacy. France, the country most averse to surrogacy (a process punishable by jail if done in France), registers them without any difficulty. GESTLIFE does more than 120 processes for French parents every year.

Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technique that has come to stay, as in its day happened with in vitro fertilization (which had such a bad press, Babies born then by this technique are called "test tube babies"). Countries in our closest environment, such as Greece, have already legalized it.

Throughout these years, we have gone through complicated stages: the war in Ukraine with more than 100 deaths, the RUSSIA-UKRAINE relationship, the downing of a plane, the state of exception that lasted a month, legislative changes鈥. Something has always happened, but our parents have not given up for that. It is never the right time. But yes they would have paid attention to the noise, today they would not be parents as they are.

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Don't let politics stop you from achieving your dream of having your offspring.

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