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Surrogacy for singles is the best way to achieve paternity, due to the practical impossibility of successfully carrying out an international adoption process. The number of surrogate pregnancy cases has exceeded in the last two years, the number of international adoptions.

Surrogacy for single men is a practice that takes place in fewer and fewer countries. Sadly, as the years have passed, they have gone Closing Doors: NEPAL, THAILAND, CAMBODIA, LAOS, VIETNAM, In these countries, processes for surrogacy for singles or couples since were carried out even though there was no law of gestation by substitution , and they rather enjoyed a “legal vacuum“ and the constitutional premise that “what the laws do not prohibit is allowed”, but in those countries there was no legislation.

Although there are many countries where you can carry out surrogate motherhood , not all accept male singles to carry out the process in those countries. That greatly narrows the list compared to heterosexual couples, who have more than 10 destinations where to choose from.


I want to be a single father

Since its inception, the company has had the philosophy of offering all destinations that were possible future parents.

We investigate them, we visit them, we open our own offices with our own staff (we are not intermediaries), and we ensure the quality of the services of the suppliers intervening.

In this way we are not obliged to offer a single destination, (many "agencies" have only one destiny that they have to defend tooth and nail, advising against the rest of destinies, because they are not "customers") and we can really recommend the most suitable destination for the needs of each parent.

Obviously we want you to do the surrogacy process with us. We dedicate to that. But once you decide to work with us, our priorities are 3:

Avoid making legal mistakes that could jeopardize your process, respecting the laws and the rights of all intervening parties.
Guaranteeing success in the medical part: a healthy baby
Reduce your expenses as much as possible. We prefer that you keep your money for your child, and not for intermediaries.

At Gestlife we are not forced to sell a destination as a panacea because we do not have a better one to offer, but we can adjust to the needs of each person who resorts to surrogacy for single men.

It is important that the family that wishes to undertake a surrogacy, understand that there are three types of countries where to carry out a surrogacy process (obviously, there is a fourth group, which are the countries where it is prohibited to carry out a surrogacy process, which we will not talk about so as not to waste your time, since they do not contribute anything)


These countries have specific legislation that develops the right of the father or parents clients (you), to carry out a surrogacy process.

These laws withdraw the rights of surrogate mothers, to grant them to the intending parents. These countries have laws drawn up by their parliaments, or subsequently amended by rulings of high courts, such as the Constitutional court, allowing certain people perform the processes.

They are the countries where a process can be carried out with all the guarantees.


Following the premise that what is not prohibited is allowed, some agencies, They offer destinations where there is no specific legislation on surrogacy. It is always easy to find a clinic that is willing to do the process, but Warranties often fail.

After all, the medical part does not present too many secrets for a clinic of fertility. But a single surrogacy is not just creating a child, but that later we must guarantee that this child will be ours, and that there will be no problems legal neither to leave the country, nor to have it later in our country.

And that is where in these countries, which lack a specific law of surrogacy for singles , trouble begins. Because since there is no law that annuls the natural rights of the pregnant mother (“mother is the one who gives birth”, say the majority of laws in the world), in favor of the intending parents, the surrogate in these cases she retains all rights to the minor.

In other words, she is the mother for all intents and purposes, and she keeps all of her her rights. Therefore, if she wishes, she can prevent the child from being ours, from leaving the country, or even extort money from us for huge sums of money. She is the mother and the authorities of her country, so they recognize her. We have nothing to do in the courts of her country, if something happens. For this reason, obviously, we strongly advise against undertaking processes in this type of countries, since there are no legal guarantees for the intending parents, and the most Pretty of adventures can turn into worst of nightmares. In this list of countries, Colombia or Guatemala recently appear, where there is no legislation of any type and there are no guarantees whatsoever.

surrogacy for singles


There are two types of laws on surrogacy for singles:

Altruistic pregnancy: in this type of legislation, a maximum is established for compensation that the surrogate mother can receive, since the law intends that the surrogate mother does not get rich.

In certain countries the figure ranges, from zero, in the previous Portuguese law (currently annulled by the Constitutional Court of the Portuguese country), or $ 20,000 Canadians in Canada. Paying an amount higher than the surrogate carries a crime punishable by jail time.

Commercial pregnancy: although we do not like this name, it refers to the legislation that allows the surrogate mother to be paid compensation agreed between the parts, without setting limits.

surrogacy for singles


Due to the scarcity of destinations where men can carry out a surrogacy process, crossborder programs are often created in order to offer an alternative, but it does not offer the same guarantee as a country where there is legislation. They are usually programs that start in one country and end in another, in order to comply with the laws of Both countries. They are not illegal programs, however as we have said, they do not offer the same legal guarantees as those developed in countries where there is a law specific for surrogacy.


The existence of this type of surrogacy program demonstrates the reality that Surrogacy processes can be done in Russia for singles. However, as We have said, the end of the program takes place in a European country, where there is no law specific for surrogacy. Some parents turn to this program if they cannot resort to another, or because the process is developed in the end in a country within the Schengen space which allows to return to the country of origin with some ease. Check with your Family Advisor in Gestlife, to help you compare the programs, and explain the advantages or disadvantages of each.


This type of process is reserved for Kenyan citizens, and does not offer any guarantee to foreign citizens. Once again the surrogate mother has rights over the baby.


Given the practical impossibility of finding surrogate mothers in Canada, some agency had “the brilliant idea ”to carry out in vitro fertilization processes with a Russian mother, and a Once pregnant, send her to CANADA. for This system, which may seem original and practical, violates Canadian law, since no Russian mother accepts financial compensation for a program of surrogacy below the 20,000 euros (entirely for her) for which Canadian law is being violated. for The fact that the payment to the surrogate mother is made in Russia does not exempt the crime since the process will finally take place in CANADA where the child would be born, and therefore we would be subject to the laws of that country, and not those of Russia.



Surrogacy for singles or adoption?
How to be a single parent in the UK?

Following the premise that what is not prohibited is allowed, some agencies with few scruples, they offer destinations where there is no specific legislation on surrogacy. It is always easy to find a clinic that is willing to perform the process.

Experts confirm that tenderness, sensitivity and parental affection is not only woman thing. That is why these experts confirm that men have a paternal instinct similar to female maternal instinct, “Recent research in the field of psychobiology has shown that men they also have a paternal instinct similar to the female maternal instinct. And, curiously, testosterone has a lot to say in its rise. "

How to be a single parent in the UK?

The options would be the following in order:


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In the times we live in, family models can be as varied as types of families that can coexist in this world. The traditional family of man and woman, though this is the most common, more and more and for different reasons there is the single parent model.

We are going to do a brief review of each of these options that are possible.

Being a single parent through the adoption model

In this case there are two modalities: national adoption or international adoption is one of the alternatives for being a single father in the UK.

surrogacy for singles

Analyzing the requirements, anyone interested in adopting will have to go to the Child Protection Services of your Community and submit the request to obtain the certificate of suitability. Later the person will have to go through a course of training and a psycho-social study will be carried out to know if adoption is viable. If all these steps are successfully completed, the adopter will have to wait for the Public entity on a waiting list. This is one of the main problems of adoption “the long waiting lists, although it is It is true that the average waiting time varies by country. International adoption is much more complicated for a single male. In this case the Criteria are established by the countries and veto the majority of singles.

Being a single parent by the model of brotherhood

Co-parenting consists of an agreement between two or more people who decide to have a baby together without being a couple. Co-parenting can be conceived as a sperm donation to through which the semen donor plays a certain role in raising the baby, defined by in advance by the people involved.

The woman who is going to give birth "is the mother" and the authorities of her country, thus recognize her. But if her father does not recognize her, we have nothing to do in the courts of her country, if something It happens.

The co-parenting agreement between the two parties has no legal value, so they could even the judges consider that it is a surrogacy in our country and this entails 6 years in jail.

For this reason, obviously, we strongly discourage undertaking processes of this type in the UK, since there are no legal guarantees for parents, it can become the worst of the nightmares.

surrogacy for singles

Being a single father through the Surrogacy model for single men, the best option

Surrogacy is the best option to become a single parent. Without depending on other persons. You have very likely already come a long, winding, tiring (and expensive) road to be a father, who has been plagued with undesirable failures, possible failed adoptions. Therefore there is no room for more disappointment.

The advantage of surrogacy, which is usually the last or the only solution to become a father, since there can be no more mistakes or failures, is that of not having waiting lists, without suitability, without those things demanded by a state or with unclear laws or issues.

That is why it is vitally important to know with whom we are going to embark on the path to make our dream come true. If you choose us, GestLife carries out programs in all foreign countries where surrogacy is legal, with the necessary guarantees offered, and we have the means necessary to guarantee success in this exciting journey that we are going to undertake.

Therefore, first of all, before going to explain everything that our programs offer, it is convenient that you know us a little better.

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