Surrogacy for parents with HIV or hepatitis

Surrogate mother for parents with HIV or hepatitis

Surrogacy programs for parents with HIV or hepatitis

GESTLIFE boasts of being one of the few surrogacy agencies in the UK with Surrogacy program for men with HIV or Hepatitis (and women too).

Most surrogacy clinics reject this type of future parents, simply for convenience. They are more complicated cases, and they represent a very low volume within the total fertility processes.

At GESTLIFE we firmly believe in the right of all people to be parents, regardless of their race, creed, sexual condition, or health status. That is why we have developed specific programs of surrogacy for people with HIV or hepatitis , so that they can achieve their dream of being parents with all the guarantees for all parties involved.

The surrogacy process for people with HIV or Hepatitis is more complex than in the rest of the cases, and requires a little more time since the genetic material has to be washed to ensure the absence of viral load.

Given the complexity of the issue, we advise you to contact your family advisor at Gestlife, and together we can analyze, with total discretion, what is the surrogacy program for men with HIV or Hepatitis that is best for you. Consult the surrogacy prices here.

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