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What is the price of a surrogacy?

Our parents often wonder: What is the price of a surrogacy? How much does a surrogacy process cost in the UK?
This process is the assisted reproduction treatment with the highest success rate. The cost of a total surrogacy in the UK ranges from € 50,000 to € 200,000 or more according to the country of destination chosen to carry out the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy treatment in the UK is an expensive process and one in which future parents must be financially prepared before starting such treatment. There are many variables that influence the price of surrogacy in the UK , such as the location where it is carried out, the choice of treatment with own eggs or egg donation, the number of cycles / embryo transfer, etc. If you are interested in knowing more about the costs of surrogacy programs in the UK, we invite you to contact Contact us to book a free phone consultation. We recommend future parents to consult with a fertility attorney before proceeding with a surrogacy program.

What makes the price vary in surrogacy?

Surrogacy price in the UK

The factors that make the price of surrogacy vary in Spain are:

Assisted Reproductive Treatment
Compensation of the surrogate mother
Additional tests
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Whether or not an egg donor is needed
Number of IVFs or attempts needed
Management fees or legal fees (depending on the country of destination)
Travel and lodging in the country of destination
Medical expenses of the pregnancy itself (depending on whether or not the country of destination)

At Gestlife we work with fixed prices for surrogacy, and we adjust them so that in the end of the process there are no surprises and in many cases with unlimited transfer number as well as a guarantee of success or money back (If we do not become a parent in 30 months, we will refund your money. We are confident that we always make it, in 100% of the cases.)

What does the price in surrogacy depend on?

Price of a surrogacy


Surrogacy price United States

What is the price of a surrogacy in the United States?

how much does a surrogacy in USA cost

Surrogacy USA prices

The price of a surrogacy in the United States starts from or from 111,000€. The price of surrogacy in the USA may end up being much higher since in in case of medical complications there is no social security in this country, the health care is private

Surrogacy price Greece

What is the price of a surrogacy in Greece?

surrogacy Greece cost

Surrogacy prices Greece

The price of a surrogacy in Greece, starts from or from 78,000€. The price of surrogacy in Greece also varies depending on the difficulty of finding Greek surrogate mothers since they usually ask for amounts not in accordance with the law. Agencies usually resort to surrogate mothers from Russia, who comply with the limits of the law to avoid committing a crime.

Price of surrogacy Ukraine

What is the price of a surrogacy in Ukraine?

surrogacy Ukraine cost

Surrogacy prices Ukraine

The price of a surrogacy in Ukraine starts from or from 49,900€. The price of surrogacy in Ukraine varies depending on difficulty of administrative management since you have to go through a filiation process. You usually reach the same point but 3 or 4 months later, but in Gestlife we can do it in just 4 weeks.

Surrogacy price Russia

What is the price of a surrogacy in Russia?

surrogacy Russia cost

Surrogacy price Russia

The price of a surrogacy in Russia starts from 57,700€. The price of surrogacy in Russia also varies depending on the difficulty of administrative management.

Surrogacy price Georgia

What is the price of a surrogacy in Georgia?

surrogacy Georgia cost

Surrogacy price Georgia

The price of a surrogacy in Georgia starts from or from 42,900€. The price of surrogacy in Georgia varies depending on administrative management difficulty since there is no consulate in this country and it is necessary to travel to Turkey to enroll the child.

surrogacy price

What makes the price vary in surrogacy?

The price of a surrogacy varies depending on the surrogate mother, so first of all , you do not bargain with a surrogate mother. Even if you want to look at it selfishly. When you pay better than anyone to a surrogate mother, you get the best surrogate mother. When you want to pay less, better surrogate mothers go to other parents, and you get the ones that several clinics have rejected because they did not meet the medical or psychological requirements, they end up accepting lower figures, because no one else accepts them.

Let us also accept that, at this time, due to the over-demand of surrogate mothers in the whole world, there is a shortage of surrogates. And this inevitably implies:

• More time to find them (whoever offers to get you a surrogate mother in 3 months is lying and you'll find it later when you can't do anything).

• The price of surrogacy and of the surrogate mother changes every 3-4 months, and always upward. European surrogates are still far from the price that a surrogate mother perceives in the USA. If you have agreed on a price, and several months pass it is possible that the surrogate mother will ask for a higher compensation.

• In these cases, the clinics, in order not to lose money, decide to "wait" to see if they find one. They offer the lowest compensation, but obviously surrogate mothers talk to each other, and who is going to accept $ 17,000 if they can get $ 21,000?

• So we advise you to always keep 2000 or 3000 euros more in mind in case it is necessary to increase the compensation to the surrogate mother and give a boost to the process.

That being said, finding a surrogate mother, it seems as easy as looking for on it and that's it, we have a surrogate!. It would be very childish to believe that it is that simple. I am going to explain to you how the process of selection of a surrogate mother or a donor works, because the process is identical. This is the method that serious clinics and agency follow:

All agencies compete by advertising to attract surrogate mothers. The scarce supply makes competition arise between agencies when offering compensation, and that logically makes that the price of surrogacy and compensation rises periodically.

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