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Here you will find a comparative table about our company and other surrogacy agencies in the world including the services they offer. This information is duly checked and is covered by Directive 2006/114/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of December 12th,2006, on misleading and comparative advertising and by Law 34/1988, of November 11th, General Advertising Law and Law 3/1991, of January 10th on Unfair Competition.

Is it a law firm, with civil liability insurance to claim in case of non-compliance?YES-
Do they have all their files declared before the Data Protection Agency as established by Law 15/1999 of December 13th? YES-
Do they identify with their data on their website, such as their company name, address, VAT number, commercial register, so that we know who we work with?YES-
Do they have their annual accounts audited with profits and published?YES-
Do they compensate the surrogate mother with the highest compensation in the sector, which guarantees their non-exploitation and a humane and adequate treatment at all times?YES-
There is no waiting time to start the program, some agencies warn that it takes 4-6 months to find a surrogate mother due to low salaries?¿YES-
Are you accompanied by an English-speaking professional during your stay in the foreign country, who takes care of all the administrative formalities in your place?YES-
Does an English-speaking lawyer go with you to the British Consulate to do all the paperwork?YES-
Do they have their own office in the foreign country where the programme is developed?YES-
Do they provide you individual apartments, without sharing an apartment with other parents?YES-
Does a paediatrician visit your child every day, while staying with you in the apartment, in order to check his your state of health, until you return to the United Kingdom? YES-
Do you have a (real) on-call service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year during your stay in the foreign country?YES-
Do you have a paediatric telephone service, in English, for one year for any consultation you want to make?YES-
Does your programme include the freezing of your child’s umbilical cord stem cells to prevent future illness, with the maintenance fee paid for 20 years? YES-
Do you have a maid 4 hours a day in your apartment to help you while you wait to return to the United Kingdom?YES-
After your first visit, are you offered the possibility of contacting parents who have already gone through the same experience as you, so that they can explain their experience to you?YES-
Do you have a written guarantee that if you do not become a parent, you will get your money back?YES-
Do they have more than 100 employees dedicated exclusively to surrogacy? (they are not a "shady company" with 2 people working there)YES-
Do they work with all countries where surrogacy is legal? (not being forced to sell you a destination at any price because they have no other option)YES-
Can you access your file from your computer or mobile phone from anywhere and know the status of it?YES-
Do they offer you psychological support, provided by psychologists on staff, to help you cope with anxiety this type of process entails? YES-
Do they offer psychological support during 5 years to both you and your child?YES-
Do they have more than 250 parents a year who achieve their goal, with 100% success? YES-
Does the Parents Association for Surrogacy (“Asociación de Padres por la Gestación Subrogada”), with more than 500 parents affiliated with it, support the "agency"?YES-
Do they have preparatory courses for first-time parents, and for when the child is already at home?YES-
Do they give you a layette with everything you need to take care of your child in the destination country?YES-
Do they leave you a baby pushchair in the destination country so that you can comfortably take your child for a walk?YES-
Do they have their own programmes? That is to say, Don't they act as simple intermediaries?YES-
Do they have a published Code of Ethics that obliges all company personnel to carry out an ethical surrogacy with mothers and fathers?YES-
Does the programme include compensation to the surrogate mother in case of abortion?YES-
Does the programme include compensation to the surrogate mother's family in case of decease?YES-
In the event of the baby's up to one year after, does the programme include a free restart guarantee for another programme identical to the one you contracted?YES-

If you are a surrogacy agency mentioned in the table above, and some information reflected in it does not match the reality, you can request the rectification by providing the documentation that proves it by sending an e-mail here.