Legal situation in Georgia

Georgia, like Ukraine, has decided to regulate surrogacy. Its legislation dates back to 1997 and guarantees the rights of future parents. In this sense, if an embryo conceived by a couple as a result of the implementation of assisted reproduction techniques is transferred into the body of another woman, the parents of the child will be the couple. With the consent of the surrogate mother, the names of the intended parents will appear directly on the Georgian birth certificate.


1. Legislation on surrogacy in Georgia

Article 143, Section b: Surrogacy is allowed in those cases where a woman does not have a uterus, with the purpose of achieving the evolution and growth of the embryo obtained as a result of its transfer to the uterus of another woman called “surrogate mother”.

Although this article states that the only condition is the absence of the uterus, any malformation or medical disability allows the process to be carried out.

In order to be able to use this method, it is necessary to have the written consent of the intended couple. With this signed document, the Georgian government will recognize the couple’s paternity at the time of birth.

In this country, surrogacy can only be carried out by heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples as well as single women or men are completely excluded.

2. Requirements

The requirements for future parents who want to start a surrogacy process in Georgia are the following:

  • To be a heterosexual couple
  • There must exist a fertility problem for which surrogacy is required

  • Regarding the requirements and the choice of the surrogate mother, she must already have had a child of her own and she must not exceed the age of 35.

    In addition, they must have a medium-high socio-economic level, avoiding that the situation of poverty is the reason why they become a surrogate mother. Surrogate mothers are also submitted to a series of psychological tests that help to filter those women whose only reason is the economic one from those who just want to help.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Georgia

They offer fixed-price programmes that include most of the possible eventualities. In the great majority of the cases, there are no extra expensesA judgement is not obtained but a Hague apostilled birth certificate
The cost of a process is much cheaper than in the USA. Most programmes range from 50,000 and 60,000 euros in totalOnly heterosexual couples
GESTLIFE has its own offices and staff (13 people) in Kiev, engaged in the control and monitoring of processesThe intended mother must prove with a medical certificate she is unable to gestate, or that it represents a serious risk to her health
Closer proximity. Flight time: 4 hours and a half