Countries where surrogacy is legal

surrogacy countries legal

Countries where Gestational surrogacy is legal

Gestlife The countries and the legality of surrogacy

GESTLIFE carries out surrogacy programs in all countries where surrogacy is legal , and we offer the necessary guarantees. In this way we are not obliged to offer you the only destiation that we have, as if it were a wonder, nor talk bad about other countries, simply because we do not have them among our programs. At GESTLIFE you We recommend the program that best suits your needs, not because we don't have another destination to offer. At this time, surrogacy processes can be carried out, with total warranties in the following countries:


Since its inception, the company has had the philosophy of offering all possible destinations to future parents for their processes of surrogacy.

We investigate them, we visit them, we open our own offices with our own staff (we are not intermediaries), and we ensure the quality of the services of the suppliers intervening.

In this way we are not obliged to offer a single destination for maternity processes. (many “agencies” have only one destination that they have to defend tooth and nail, advising against other destinations, because if they don't, they do not get any customers) and we can really recommend the most suitable destination for the needs of each family.

Obviously we want you to do the surrogacy process with us. That why we are presenting our services. But once you decide to work with us, our priorities are 3:

countries where surrogacy is legal Avoid that you make legal mistakes that could jeopardize your surrogacy process.

countries where surrogacy is legalGuarantee you a success in the medical part: a healthy baby

countries where surrogacy is legalReduce your expenses to the extent possible. We prefer that you save your money for your child, and not for intermediaries.

In this way, we are not obliged to offer you a destination, simply because we do not have a better one to offer you, unlike many of the “ surrogacy agencies in the UK”.

It is important that the family that wishes to undertake a surrogate motherhood in the UK , understand that There are three types of countries where to carry out a surrogacy process (Obviously, there is a fourth group, which are the countries where it is forbidden to carry out a surrogacy process, of which we will not speak so as not to make you lose the time, since they do not contribute anything)


These countries have specific legislation for surrogacy that develops the right of the parent or intending parents (you), to carry out a surrogacy process.

countries where surrogacy is legal

These laws withdraw the rights of surrogate mother, to grant them to the Intended parents. These countries have laws drawn up by their parliaments, or later modified by judgments of high courts, such as the Constitutional court , allowing certain people to carry out the processes.

They are the countries where a surrogacy process can be carried out with all the guarantees.


Following the premise that what is not prohibited is allowed, some surrogacy agencies with few scruples, offer destinations where there is no specific legislation on surrogacy. It's always easy to find a clinic that is willing to do the process.

countries where surrogacy is legal

After all, the medical part does not present too many secrets for a clinic of fertility. But a surrogacy is not just creating a child, but later we must guarantee that this child will be ours, and that there will be no legal problems neither to leave the country, nor to have it later in our country.

And that is where in these countries, which lack a specific law on surrogacy, the problems begin. Because since there is no law that annuls the natural rights of the surrogate mother ("mother is the one who gives birth", say the majority of legislations in the world), in favor of the intending parents, the surrogate in in these cases, she retains all rights over the minor.

In other words, she is the mother for all intents and purposes, and she keeps all of her rights. Therefore, if she wishes, she can prevent the child from being ours, leaving the country, or even extort money from us asking for huge sums of money. She is the mother and the authorities of her country thus recognize her. There is nothing we can do in the Courts of her country, if something happens. For this reason, we obviously advise against fully undertake surrogacy processes in these types of countries, since There are no legal guarantees for the intending parents, and the most beautiful of the adventures can turn into the worst of nightmares.


There are two types of laws in surrogacy:

Altruistic surrogacy : in this type of legislation, a maximum for the compensation that the surrogate mother can receive, given that the law that the surrogate mother does not get rich.

countries where surrogacy is legal

In certain countries the figure ranges, from zero, in the previous Portuguese law (currently annulled by the Constitutional Court of the Portuguese country), or $ 20,000 Canadians in Canada. Paying an amount higher than the surrogate carries a crime punishable by jail time.

Mercantile surrogacy : although we do not like this name, it does reference to the laws that allow the surrogate mother to be paid compensation agreed between the parties, without setting limits.

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