InterFiv Clinic

The best European Technology in processes of In Vitro Fertilization and reproductive techniques.

At InterFiv we are truly happy, and proud to have been able to help more than 350 families to achieve their dream of being mothers and fathers. On this path to motherhood, technique is necessary, but not sufficient. It is a very important decision, where the emotions are many and very deep. It is time to have someone experienced to trust.

In our clinic, InterFiv you will have the assistance of specialists in fertility treatments. As experts in assisted reproduction and pioneers in the implementation of new techniques and treatments, we know that the best asset is our high-level professionals. In addition to an exclusive and dedicated attention.

A trusted specialist medical team that takes you throughout the process is essential to offer the best treatment and therapy you need.

Through the latest technology
We can make your biggest dream come true.

Our InterFiv center is specialized in:
Assisted Reproduction | In Vitro Fertilization | Births | Surrogate pregnancy | Egg donation | Cardiology | Pulmonary pathology | Child neurology |

From the beginning to the present, we work to offer the highest quality in our services, techniques and treatments. The result of this effort and our constant improvement is the recognition of different quality certifications. All our machinery has been manufactured and purchased in European companies with more than 30 years of experience. Our facilities have quality certificates, ensuring maximum efficiency and health during all medical processes.


In InterFiv you will be assisted by the best medical reproductive team. Specialists with extensive experience and experience who will be happy to assist you and solve all your doubts.